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Food destocking since 2009  to
Saint Vincent of Tyrosse


Ptitprixlandes ” is a food clearance store, product store with a short, long or outdated date,  who  propose  dry goods  whose destocking is the result of overproduction and cancellation of orders.


MDD  (Minimum Durability Date), (formerly Best Before Date) may be short, long or exceeded but still consumable, (be careful, not to be confused with the DLC mention "use by date").⏰


You will find in our store  products ranging from -20% to -75%.


- dry products; preserves, wine, cookies, soda, candy 🍫🥫🥤🍷🍾☕️

- a range of frozen products 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 (for September 2020 drive withdrawal Tyrosse)

- beauty hygiene products 🧴🧻🚺🚹🧼💅🏻

- maintenance and cleaning products 🧤🧹🧽🍽️

-Bazaar and textile products. 👓🧳🎒🌂🥽🧢


Let's unite against food waste!

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