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(updated 04/22/21)

Q16: - Your system  payment by credit card 💳 Is STRIPE secure ?

A: - YES, Stripe is a secure payment gateway. Only websites holding the SSL certificate can activate it. Millions of businesses in over 120 countries use Stripe to launch and grow their business. From startups to the largest global companies (Google, Amazon,, National geographic…)

On the security side, it has all the guarantees sufficient for an Internet user as for an e-merchant. All of your payment information is securely transmitted directly to Stripe without going through our servers. All data is encrypted using the SSL protocol.

You are informed of the presence of SSL security thanks to the display of a padlock and the "https" protocol in the url of our site:

All guarantees of confidentiality and security are therefore met.


Q15: - Is it possible to pay online 👩🏼‍💻 by credit card? 

A: - YES, A credit card payment module 💳 is offered when validating your order:

Récap mail €

- Following the preparation of your order, the real amount is known.

The total € is often revised downwards, following promotions, and the unavailability of certain products. The preparer sends a summary✍️ by email (from: (please check that it does not fall into your spam) and simultaneously refunds the difference if applicable.


Q14: - Why was the lot price not taken into account?

A: - Revenue is recognized at  the unit , but when we offer you, for example, a product at €0.75 per unit, for a batch of 3 for €2 you must reserve 3 products, the total will be seen at €2.25 on the platform, but the preparer  will take into account the prize of 3 for 2€ . (If you choose, 5 products the preparer will count (2€+0.75+0.75))

The preparer sends a summary✍️ by email (from:, please check that it does not fall into your spam),  with the actual total amount.

Q13: - Is it possible to order your products by email, SMS, or by  phone ?

A: - In order to simplify order taking, we encourage you to use our booking platform. Being very busy in the preparation of your orders, we are currently not able to manage your orders.  by e-mail, SMS , or by  phone.  

Q12: - I don't understand, during the validation process of my order, I am asked "1-delivery details" and "2-delivery method" I thought there was no delivery  ?

A: - Indeed there is still no delivery, the development of our platform takes time, and this error persists for the moment.

One should understand  "1-the delivery details" as "Customer address" and "2-delivery method" by "pick up at the store".

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-26 at
Ancre 2 Retour arrière

Q11: - I have not received  mail notifying me that my order is  ready , is this normal?

A: - Your reservation requests are studied on store opening hours. 

If you have not received any message in this interval, please check that our customer relations emails (, do not appear in your spam or spam folders.



Q10: - How to use a box?

A: - To use a box, please select the "item" to put it in your basket as for a food product.

Once payment has been received by credit card, you will receive the number of your box as well as the 4-digit code.

The boxes are in limited quantities. The boxes allow you to pick up your goods at any time.


Q9: - Is it better to pay online or at the store?

A: - Online, by credit card is the best means of payment today, it avoids checkout, and therefore reduces the number of people in the store.

Q8: - When I click on a photo I arrive on the product page, but when I click on return to home, I return to the top of the list, to page n°1. Is it possible to return to the same position where I was before?

A: - Yes, using only the back arrow of your browser on smartphone or computer.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-04 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-06-04 at

Q6: - When can I pick up my products?
A:  - Following your reservation, we will send you an email on the opening hours of the store (Thursday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.) in order to know the recovery window for your order.  


Q5: - Can I reserve my products by phone?

A: - No , the platform was created to simplify the management of order taking, reservations are therefore made only via it.  (usable on computer and smartphone).  

Q4: - On which niche  schedule can i pick up  my goods?

A: - Goods can be picked up on the time slot below.  


Q3: - Is it better to use a computer or a smartphone to make my reservation?

A: - Some users prefer to use their smartphone, which is sometimes more responsive than their computer. It's up to you to try both.

Q2: - The prices you offer for the lots were not taken into account when finalizing my order, is that normal? 

A: - YES , the reductions € -...% of your basket are made during the preparation of your order. The total € is revised downwards, following promotions, and the unavailability of certain products. The preparer sends a summary✍️ by email (from: (please check that it does not fall into your spam) and simultaneously refunds the difference if applicable.

Q1: - How long does it take for my order to be processed?

A: - Your orders are processed by the preparer during store opening hours.

If you would like more information or if you are having difficulty using our platform, contact us via the chat on this website or by clicking on the "telephone icon" at the top of the website on a computer or in the menu on smart phone.

Martin Isunza, WEB 40 department

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